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The world of premium real estate awaits you here at Suva Real Estate. We scan the globe for the best opportunities to bring you whether they are luxury homes, condos, investment property, condo hotels or other vacation property if you are looking to buy a second home. We also focus on any other highly desirable commercial asset: including hotels, golf courses, retail centers and multifamily developments that are for sale.

Impressive Sphere of Influence and Negotiating Power

Our specialty is the segment of luxury, giving you the ultimate feeling of joy and happiness with the purchase of your personal real estate assets. We are now in the digital age, able to scan the globe daily through our extensive networks to find you the properties of your choice in minutes.  Things are moving faster now. Knowledge is power, and we will provide you with a Ph Ds value of knowledge through our robust platforms to buy a condo or home at a significant value.  Our contacts have exceptional negotiating power to get you the home that you want for the price that you want without any gamesmanship or unnecessary drama that can often be the case when buying vacation properties that are sometimes located in foreign countries.

Luxury Property Perfect for You

The meaning of luxurious property depends on upon the intricacies that the home presents whether that may be a stunning view, incredible pool, or decadent entertainment area. The location also plays an important role.  We’ll make sure that you have the greatest upside on the block due to buying right. If you have plenty of expensive properties around, for example, your waterfront mansion will have plenty of room to grow. We have a checklist of items that make for a smart and savvy purchase of a luxury home or an investment property that will rise in value year after year.  Imagine drifting off into gorgeous sunsets over the water or playing a round of golf only minutes from home.  We can make that dream a reality through our precise home buying services.  We know that amenities matter, and we’ll make sure that your property will have the amenities that suit your lifestyle perfectly.

Seeing Every Deal Like an Investment

We see each and every home and condo as an investment property.  It would be unwise to see it any differently. In fact, a house is often one of the largest lifetime investments that can be made. We start by analyzing the neighborhood and finding the dollar per square foot values of similar properties. You’ll see very clearly where your target properties price falls within the neighborhood ranges. Then we’ll see how we can approach negotiations to leverage this information to your greatest advantage. We’ll scour every piece of due diligence available to ensure that you won’t have any surprises down the road. These surprises could be environmental, mechanical or dealing with plumbing or electricity. We protect your interests strongly throughout the entire process.

Rise in Property Values

It’s no secret that with time, real estate investments are some of the safest and stable deals that can be made. Yes, prices and cycles rise and fall, but with cash or proper financing your will have the ability to weather any market correction and come out with a smile.  Time and patience factor greatly when buying a home or condo.  Through our real estate consulting services, we’ll advise you of the best market locations to invest in.  Maybe it’s a good time for a home in Suva, Fiji, one of the most beautiful destinations in the world?  Or would you prefer Hawaii?  We know the market indicators that will give you the best signals for long-term prosperity.

An Eye for Design

The best part of real estate investing is that you not only make money, but you can enjoy your home or condo by living in it.  So, therefore, why not select a home that perfectly suits your ideal architectural tastes.  We certainly will help you with that through our home and interior design consulting services.  We keep up with the latest trends, so you can feel comfortable knowing that the style of your new home won’t be outdated anytime soon.

Renovations and Contractors

Concerned that a home might need additional repair and renovation work? Well, don’t be. We have a contractor team for you in any area of the world that will make life a breeze. We work on the ground with the locals and ensure that you’ll be able to add significant value through home improvement and renovations. Your property search won’t be limited in any way if the home needs updates.  This will give you an even better way to create value and profits. The world is your oyster. Let us open it up and grab your pearl.

Explore Your Imagination

Here are Suva, even your most wild and crazy idea can be achieved.  So dare to be different. Think global instead of local. Into sports?  We’ll have opportunities for you at tennis resorts, homes for sale on golf courses or homes with boat slips. We’ll provide the guidance and the navigation around their association rules to get you the most out of these sports amenities. Enjoy tropical locations? We have over the water bungalows, floating homes and exotic villas on private islands. Thinking of the mountains? How about buying a skiing vacation home? That’s a possibility too, as we can find you the best ski in and ski out houses on the mountain.  Whether you fancy the Rockies or the Alps, we have something for you.

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Contact us today for more information about buying your favorite type of properties. You’ll soon discover a whole new world of exciting shopping that will bring you a confident smile as your learn about your investment options.  Our agents stand ready to serve you with any request that you may have day or night.  Below you’ll see a reference video for the types of escrow that can be held during the closing of your assets. We ensure that you understand every step of the buying process to the standard of that video in particular.